For Candidates

We have helped a lot of candidates to achieve professional success. In the field of executive recruitment, our consultants uncover opportunities no one else knows exist and can guide you to reach your career goals.No matter what role you’re looking for, AOU consultants can help you with a wide range of jobs in Thailand. We are partnering with various companies, from large multinationals to independent start-ups, so even if we don’t currently have any vacancies that match your skills and experience, once our consultants find any suitable positions, we will contact you

Your Career Advisor

As a career advisor, we will be marketing you to the company who are looking for your skills and talents. We have hundreds of conversations with several clients of many companies every day so we are able to help you to find a suitable position and guide you to the best job opportunity.


We are very respectful of your confidentiality and will not release your profile to the clients until you allow us to.

Interview Coaching

We provide you with key information for your interviews including background of companies, the hiring authorities, team structures and what they are looking for during the interview. We will be your partner to ensure that you are able to do your best for the interview

Salary Advising

We know well what the average market value is and how much you should expect for your next move.

New opportunities arise every day. Looking for a new job? Let’s contact us.

For Candidates
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